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Technology is at the heart of transformation

Driving the transformation necessary to succeed in the new normal

The COVID-19 crisis has cemented technology’s role at the heart of transformation. While the pandemic has significantly disrupted businesses globally, close to 30 percent of organizations see it as an opportunity to transform. Now is the time for organizations to make changes that will help them succeed in this new normal.

Intelligent automation and digitization are at the forefront and, ultimately, will be the keys to success. Organizations must digitize core processes and create a strong, digital infrastructure in order to ensure a remote and efficient workforce that is collaborative but secure.

Furthermore, as the pressure mounts to reduce costs, organizations must re-evaluate and take a pragmatic approach when deciding how to implement automation to streamline operations. Automation will play a key role in performance. To increase revenue, lower costs, and decrease risk, organizations must be strategic and make the most of digitization and intelligent automation across the business.

Read Fast forward to the future: Defining and winning the post-COVID new normal, to learn more about the future of work and emerging business models. Now is the time when executives have an opportunity to position their organizations for long-term success in this new normal.

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