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Drive toward digital business

Utilities must harness the power of new technologies to compete

Smart meters can each generate up to 400 megabytes of data every year. The more than 135 million smart meters in the U.S. create 54 petabytes of new utility data annually. That’s the data equivalent of 360 billion Facebook photos. That number will only continue to increase.* Data is everything but the exponential growth in information generated can be overwhelming.

Trusted data will power new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. AI has the ability to help manage uncertainties in the market and support growing demand, security, and an aging infrastructure.

At the same time, distributed energy resources are driving change, and utilities need to respond quickly to keep pace. Most new installations come not from utilities but from independents or companies wanting to move into self-production.

The Renewable Enterprise brings together technology, process, and operations to sustain digital transformation and drive high-speed innovation, while protecting mission-critical applications that run your business.

Learn how you can harness the market opportunities and how other energy and utilities companies have used digital transformation to gain a competitive edge.

Download the World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) report

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