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Capgemini University – driving the digital learning agenda

Capgemini has an education and reskilling agenda that is as wide and diverse as our multi-generational and multicultural workforce. Capgemini University is absolutely paramount in defining this agenda and enabling the future of our business – and make no mistake, that future is Digital!

“The MOOC platform was great! Simple, easy to navigate, and so learner friendly. I wanted to go back to it to look forward to my learning the way I wanted at my time and convenience. I also think the interface was fresh! I loved it!”
Janhavi Puranik-Nair – learner
“I’m really enjoying this format, I find the delivery through MOOC very effective. For each topic: (1) a video introduction by an internal SME (giving examples based on real Capgemini experiences and cases of success), then (2) a document (PPT/paper) presenting both theoretical concepts and practical applications, and (3) useful links further deepening each topic with experts’ contributions. It definitely works for me, thank you!”
Mauro Sironi – learner

Digital fluency for a digital age

Going beyond employment and corporation, it’s clear that the digital era requires individuals to be lifelong learners who can adapt their skills to remain relevant in the job market. It also requires people to be problem solvers with the ability to drive innovation across domains. Individuals need to be able to find and navigate information, and, perhaps more importantly, interpret that information, expressing their ideas effectively through digital media.

Capgemini University leverages DAL principles at the heart of their designs to facilitate our employees’ learning journeys to suit their individual needs. The future of learning design has never more personalized and learner-centric than it is now.

Shazia Joshi is the Design and Innovation lead of the DAL Lab at Capgemini University. She leads a team of 12 people that design and build virtual learning courses for the Capgemini Group. The team also constantly researches new learning trends and pilots them through different programs offered to business units.