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Achieving agility at scale

Agile is no longer optional; it is a competitive edge. Companies view agile as an antidote to disruption but find it hard to realize the full benefits. More than 90% of companies practice agile to some degree, but less than 20% say they have achieved agile maturity.

The ability to leverage agile means companies can move more rapidly, adapt to market conditions faster, and gain value.

According to the Capgemini Research Institute report Agile @ Scale, agile cannot be rushed, and a big-bang approach rarely works. Read how understanding the company learning curve, culture, talent, and risk appetite can lead to successful agile at scale.

Read how understanding the company learning curve, culture, talent, and risk appetite can lead to successful agile at scale.

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Frontrunners complete extensive upfront planning to scale agile. While a successful pilot implementation may ignite enthusiasm for agile, there are four areas that need to be addressed before agile can reach scale.

  • Experiment: Start with customer-focused initiatives; scale gradually
  • Orient: Change culture by changing behaviors and develop T-shaped -skills
  • Govern: Link Agile portfolio planning and operations with business strategy
  • Accelerate: Modernize IT with DevOps and microservices