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A growth journey shaped by people

The backbone of the Capgemini Chennai delivery center has been its people, who have been fuelling growth since its inception in 2006. We asked some of the people who have been part of this journey to share their experiences on what motivated them to contribute to Capgemini Chennai.

CS, Srinivasan, Engagement Manager – Syngenta Supply Chain and Master Data Management, Capgemini Chennai

I started my Capgemini journey in June 2015 as part of Syngenta supply chain team soon after the APAC process transition. Through the challenges my team and I faced in stabilizing Syngenta’s operations, I developed a proposal for revamping the operating model, which was approved by the client and implemented in six weeks by my incredible team, without any deviation from our agreed service delivery commitment. I feel a great sense of satisfaction while seeing the transformation of the process in the new ways of working.

In 2016, we moved a part of Syngenta’s Europe, Africa and Middle East order management from Krakow to Chennai. I was responsible for establishing the Chennai operations, which went live in February 2017 and successfully meets all of our client’s expectation. In 2018, I was promoted to engagement manager and was given the opportunity to lead Syngenta’s master data management in addition to supply chain.

I have participated in various training programs that have helped to shape my people and leadership skills.

Ganesh Ram M, Engagement Manager, Finance & Procurement Transformation, Capgemini’s Business Services

My Capgemini journey began way back in January 2009, as a team lead for our Coca-Cola account in Chennai. My tenure at Coca-Cola not only helped me to grow professionally but also helped me sharpen my knowledge by becoming Green Belt and GPM certified.

During this role, I was supported by the leadership in Chennai to become an effective manager and a strong delivery person. On getting promoted to team manager, I looked for opportunities to expand my knowledge from just credit-to-cash (C2C) to other towers, and I was given an opportunity in the procurement space. The delivery experience I gained at Coca-Cola helped me to successfully lead accounts including Mondelez and Walmart. This projected me as a strong people leader and led the way to my next promotion as operations manager.

As I grew, this opened the doors for me into transformation within Capgemini’s Business Transformation Services team and later into solutions. I started as a complete beginner, and 2.5 years later I’m now handling my own projects as engagement manager. The leadership at Capgemini Chennai has always strived to make the center a better place to work. Employee connect is given priority and achieved through sports meetings, children’s day, and other such events.

Throughout my career, Capgemini has always quenched my thirst for knowledge. In short, it’s been a roller coaster experience with many good moments to cherish.

Rama Lakshmi S, Process Associate, Almarai Engagement, Capgemini Chennai

Wednesday January 24, 2018, was an exciting day for me – the day I first joined Capgemini. Although I had lots of belief in myself, I also had some mixed feelings, and my excitement was also met with a liberal dose of nerves.

The onboarding and training days were fun filled with a lot of new learning. It was interesting to meet new faces from different experiences of life and industry. Procurement is super exciting and being part of a new project was even more thrilling.

Despite being relatively new to the project with limited knowledge, I’ve built up a rapport with my team and client partners. I’ve developed myself through having to manage and resolve complex processes and some difficult situations. I’ve done this through not only relying on Capgemini’s processes and tools, but also on Capgemini’s people, my leads who have supported and motivated me.

Having to leave my comfort zone has helped me grow both personally, professionally, and from a knowledge perspective. And when it all gets a little too much, the fun and humor you get from working in a team like mine play a vital role in alleviating the pressure and boosting my energy.

Every day, I look forward to understanding the different personalities of people I interact with across the globe and obviously on learning new things with fun and passion.

Saravanan S, Senior Engagement Manager, Kloeckner, Capgemini Chennai

I started at Capgemini in 2015 as an Engagement Manager handling the process-to-pay (P2P) processes for the Landmark engagement. The role was both challenging and exciting, and I was given two major tasks: first, to improve client satisfaction through setting proper governance within the team and client; second, to increase the contribution margin to the engagement through leveraging RPA to automate the client’s time-consuming rule-based processes.

One of the best parts of the role was leading with a passionate team capable of delivering much more than just their assigned deliverables. From a professional perspective, the role enabled me to become a “Certified GEM practitioner,” “RPA programming certified – beginners level,” and “Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) certified assessor to assess candidates on competencies.”

In 2017, I was promoted to senior engagement manager, and in mid-2018 was given the opportunity to handle all three towers – P2P, credit-to-cash (C2C), and record-to-analyze (R2A) – for Kloeckner. This role brings together all my experience and learning from previous roles in handling delivery, driving innovation, and effective client management.

Capgemini’s Chennai delivery center has enabled me to learn more about the new technologies available within different engagements. Best practices are shared more vibrantly, which helps engagements grow together. I’m extremely grateful to Capgemini for the chance to develop my skills. The journey continues!

Anubha Gupta, Consultant, Unilever Engagement, Capgemini Chennai

I started at Capgemini in February 2017, as part of the Unilever account. There was a transition going on at that time for the Innovation Lab team that basically looked into analytics and improvement projects. I joined the team and started working on an e-commerce project, given my prior experience in the area. It was an extremely challenging role, but turned out to be a great learning experience for me with such a large and important client.

After spending a couple of months understanding and settling into the Capgemini culture, I expanded my work horizon across other projects such as business waste, cross border sourcing, forecasting tool, among others. The amount of learning and exposure I received as part of these projects was beyond my expectations. It required me to interact with a number of teams, both internally and externally, which helped me to gain knowledge on the different pillars of supply chain.

One of the best parts of my Capgemini journey so far is the support I’ve received across the organization. Everyone in the team, engagement, and management has been incredibly approachable and helpful, which is something I hadn’t experienced previously. In the past, there were always constraints on time, level hierarchy, and workload – but at Capgemini it was different. There are loads of healthy discussions and debates around different corners, with everyone ready to learn from each other – and I’m extremely happy to be one of them!

G, Mohan Kumar, Team Lead – Syngenta Supply Chain, Capgemini Chennai

I started my Capgemini journey in May 2016 supporting the APAC hub and order management processes for the Syngenta engagement. Within six months, I was given the opportunity to support the transition of Syngenta’s Europe, Africa, and Middle East order management operations to Chennai. As a process lead, I was assigned to a number of countries in an order manager role and was responsible for end-to-end order fulfillment for Europe, supplying regions in APAC, followed by LATAM and North America.

One of my most enjoyable roles has been to lead the Syngenta Engagement (Chennai PCT) Fun Committee in 2017–2018, which enabled me to learn more about the challenges and successes of people management The Fun Committee organizes celebrations of regional festivals, fun events on office floor on Fridays, indoor team sports competitions, and an annual celebration called the Syngenta Bash.

Capgemini’s “Enable” training program has also given me the chance to develop my leadership skills, which I practice both within day-to-day operations and in my personal life. In 2018, I was promoted to team lead, which came with the opportunity to lead Syngenta’s EAME order management function. I’d like to thank Capgemini Chennai’s leadership team for nurturing me in developing my leadership skills.