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Why AI Continues To Deliver Results In A Pandemic

Jerry Kurtz

53% of enterprises have now moved beyond AI pilots, a marked increase from 36% in 2017 based on Capgemini’s previous study of AI adoption.

U.S., Chinese and South Korean governments have stepped up the use of AI technologies to contain the spread of Covid-19 and to handle citizens’ concerns.

Life Sciences, Retail, automotive, consumer products and telecommunications are the top five industries leading A.I. adoption today.

These and many other insights are from Capgemini Research Institute’s research of enterprises’ AI pilot, production and spending during the pandemic provide insights into what differentiates AI-at-scale leaders versus organizations struggling to get results. The AI-powered enterprise: Unlocking the potential of AI at scale is based on 950 interviews with AI leaders in enterprises with annual revenues between $1B to $25B, distributed across 11 nations.

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