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Teamwork, Mentorship, and Robots: A Summer at Capgemini Government Solutions


For one intern, Ashwinder Malhotra, joining the Managed Services practice at CGS meant that he was able to apply his background in cybersecurity to compile research and analysis on an emerging platform, which assisted CGS with client engagement. He also developed a data management application using VBA to improve internal processes and expanded his management skills by helping to design a project schedule for a client.

John Walsh, another participant in the intern program, noted that “CGS is big enough that there’s no shortage of interesting opportunities and people to learn from, but small enough that one person’s contribution can make a real difference.” John felt he benefited from CGS’s structure, explaining that “the organization is structured to encourage interaction across teams and business lines, so you meet plenty of new people and have a chance to learn where you might fit best.”

Beyond the various experiences of supporting CGS’s client engagements, each intern takes part in the Intern Challenge, a team-based activity aimed at providing the interns with experience in creating and delivering a product. This summer, CGS interns led different projects, each with a product owner and an executive sponsor who provided guidance and support to the interns.

Ashwinder and John’s team was tasked with applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to company business processes. The team was challenged to think critically about how to improve upon the company’s existing business development processes. By applying Agile project management principles, their team built bots to automate internal data collection and analysis, and then demoed the RPA prototype to CGS management. The project demonstrated that bot technology can automate tedious tasks and free up employees to focus on more important operational and strategic-level work.

When asked to summarize his intern experience at CGS, John shared that “there’s a real understanding of and respect for the role that interns play, and enthusiastic mentorship.”

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