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My Capgemini Experience


Saturdays in Williams Brice Stadium. Lazy Sunday afternoons on the horseshoe. Adventures along the river front. Being a student at the University of South Carolina developed not only a love for strong community, but also gave me a love for the city of Columbia and all that it had to offer. In my 4 years at the university I developed skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and nurtured a love for technology and what was to come next.

I studied Biomedical Engineering at USC, and for most of my college career I thought I was going to go to medical school. However, the more classes I took the more I realized there was a world of opportunities outside of my field that I could explore. I realized that I loved being around people, and I loved pushing my boundaries and comfort zone by learning constantly. I loved the business side of the biomedical industry, and the opportunities in product development and business strategy development. I loved the idea of finding a job where I had to be constantly learning and growing, but I didn’t quite know what that would look like for me.

As I approached my Senior year, amid all the excitement of being out in the world on my own, there was also the fear that I wouldn’t find a community like the one that I had at school. For me, people were the most important factor in my search for my first real adult job. That is what drew me to Capgemini. When I met them at the career fair they were genuinely interested in who I was as a person, as was made evident by the questions they asked me in interviews, to how open and communicative they were with me throughout the recruitment and hiring process.

When I toured the office, it was open and bright. Everyone appeared to be peers and were welcoming and genuine. I felt like I belonged when I first walked into the office. As a woman of STEM, you can sometimes doubt your place in an office, especially in one that is technologically focused. However, I have felt nothing but encouragement and empowerment. Capgemini cares about their people’s development, not only in their company, but in their personal growth as well. It was amazing to start my adult career life in an environment where I was challenged and equally supported.


Callie McCarthy