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#Gradathon: How Super Day led to my career in consulting


Hi my name is Kayleigh Jennings, and I am currently a Staff Consultant – Business Analyst within the Supply Chain practice at Capgemini. I graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

I first found out about Capgemini about 7 months ago when I attended the spring Georgia Tech All Majors Career Fair. One of my friends, who was a peer of mine at Georgia Tech at the time and now so happens to be one of my colleagues at Capgemini, approached me at the career fair to tell me about how she had a great conversation with the recruiters at the company. After I made my rounds of the companies I was interested in, I stopped by the Capgemini table on my way out. I then had an amazing conversation with one of the recruiters who then told me to attend the info session later that week.

A few days later, my friend and I both attended Capgemini’s info session and were impressed so we both made sure to apply online through CareerBuzz as well as reach out to the recruiters at the info session to thank them for their time. Weeks proceeding applying for Capgemini, I was notified for receiving a first round on-campus interview. I was feeling under the weather the day of my interview due to a cold, but was able to strive through and try my best to impress during the interview. Due to my great performance, I was invited to interview at one of Capgemini’s Super Day interviews.

Right before the Super Day approached, I was given the opportunity to interview with another company the same day as the Super Day, but fortunately I turned that opportunity down because I had a feeling that Capgemini would be the better choice to make. Proceeding the Super Day, I felt accomplished and satisfied with my performance and looked forward to the day when results would come back. I made sure to reach out to everyone I had met during the Super Day to thank them for their time and also made sure to reach out to the campus director a few weeks after to ask for any updates on the company’s decision.

Around late March/early April, I was offered a position with a third company for a Supply Chain position out West. As excited as I was to receive the offer, I felt like the best offer was still yet to come. Fortunately, I waited on accepting the offer for two weeks and within 5 days before my offer deadline, Capgemini’s campus recruiter called me to offer me a position as a Business Analyst for the Supply Chain practice. Thrilled with the offer, I accepted a few days later.

Despite being new to Capgemini, I have seen tremendous growth in myself as a professional. From the very beginning, Capgemini has shown me how to get out of my comfort zone through building on my presentation skills and learning how to handle face to face interactions with clients in the best ways possible. Additionally, my professional network has also grown within the company through being on different projects, attending social events, and even creating long lasting friendships while on-boarding in Chicago. All this, in turn, has helped me become a more confident and independent young professional.

I am so glad I made the decisions I did leading up to joining Capgemini. My father was a consultant for 7 years and I’m excited to say I’ll be able to follow in his footsteps to eventually come the successful professional he is today. I want to thank all those who I have met thus far for helping me learn and grow to be who I am today, and I am excited to see what my future holds here at Capgemini.

If you are interested in consulting and can see a company as great as Capgemini in your future, feel free to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to help you during this exciting time of starting your career. Please email me at: