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Exploring virtual reality and developing new skills with the Capgemini Government Solutions internship program

30 Sep 2022

During summer 2022, Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) welcomed 10 interns to dive into consulting and information technology in the federal government market. From information technology strategy to delivering digital customer experiences, interns improved upon skills and learned about the latest industry trends while receiving mentorship from Capgemini leadership.

All CGS interns collaborate on the Intern Challenge, an opportunity to research and present on a topic relevant to Capgemini’s business. This year, interns worked in small teams to determine if virtual reality (VR) would be appropriate for Capgemini and its clients. Interns enjoyed learning to use VR and researching potential opportunities and drawbacks. At the end of the summer, interns presented to Capgemini leadership regarding their findings. The Intern Challenge provides an exciting way for each group to make a difference within the company by putting forth a unique response.

One participant in the program, Zach Coplan, joined the Civil Market team at CGS as a business intern, assisting the team with accounts at the several federal agencies. He assisted with business development and led a research project on the strategic goals of government agencies to position Capgemini for the future. Zach benefited from CGS’s collaborative hybrid environment, enjoying the ability to work in small teams and meet with CGS colleagues across various departments.

Another participant, Cameron Cooke returned for his second summer as a CGS technical intern. He learned new tech stacks and strengthened his coding and cybersecurity knowledge. Throughout the internship, he was exposed to new frameworks and programming languages to help him expand his understanding of how-to code. He then implemented these new skills in real-world situations, such as creating an interactive dashboard and web scraping feature. Cameron also learned a new cyber security framework that pen-tests a device to find vulnerabilities within networking systems and expanded his knowledge of how to be an effective software engineer. From his experience this past summer, Cameron developed an increased interest in data analytics and cybersecurity. Returning in the fall, he plans to take courses on these topics to continue to develop his skills.

Alysa Grady, a technical intern at CGS, worked this summer in auditing and remediation. Alysa learned the importance of the audit process, saying “I’ve helped my team with remediation for a Capgemini client and getting all the files together for a future audit. The process has been fun and exciting for me because I really enjoy helping to make decisions about what could be important to a company and what type of information is needed to complete the remediation.”

For Kiera Murphy, a business undergraduate intern for the Cross Cut Team this summer, she enjoyed meeting Capgemini employees and learning about all the different aspects of government consulting. She took advantage of the flexibility in her internship to examine many different departments of CGS, such as tracking business development requests from market teams, collecting data on CGS projects for the Delivery Assurance Team in preparation for Project Management Reviews, and researching Salesforce Net Zero Cloud for the Health and Benefits Market team. This variety of activities has taught Kiera the importance of business components and how they work together. Kiera hopes to use what she has learned at CGS to study business next year at college and would be interested in returning to CGS next summer in order to narrow down her interests.

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