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CGS culture: Adapting and innovating during the pandemic


CGS developed a Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) strategy to adapt to the changes brought on by COVID-19. This was initiated out of necessity to help stop the spread of the virus but it has generated many additional benefits for the company and employees.

As part of our WFA strategy, CGS provided every employee with a $250 stipend at the beginning of quarantine to spend on home-office technology and/or equipment. This assisted the smooth transition to WFA, and echoes the excellent results we have seen with our clients during this shift.

In addition to the stipend, CGS sent all employees a care package to show gratitude for their hard work under these challenging circumstances. It contained some fun and timely items, including two cloth face masks, a Capgemini T-shirt, a mini-puzzle, and more.

WFA Care Package LinkedIn

With travel largely restricted this year due to the pandemic, employees were unfortunately unable to take their planned vacations. While employees were still encouraged to take time off to relax and regroup, CGS doubled the amount of Paid Time Off (PTO) that can be carried over from one year to the next. This provided employees the flexibility to decide how to best spend their PTO.

COVID has also brought innovative changes to the internal operations of CGS. Technology has allowed employees to work on any team, regardless of their location, so CGS can offer more opportunities for employees to work on internal initiatives outside of their client commitments.

CGS created multiple committees around topics for improving the group and increasing employee engagement. Some examples include the Social Media Committee, Future of Work Committee, and the Alumni Committee, which is focused on improving our relations with former employees. This model has been extremely successful thus far, providing new opportunities for employees to make positive changes to the company and interact with new and different teams of people.

Although this year has brought unexpected challenges, CGS has used it as an opportunity to not simply adapt to meet the necessary changes but also to innovate and improve the company’s culture for the better. As a result, 87 percent of CGS employees who answered an anonymous internal feedback survey said their career is progressing at the appropriate speed regardless of work location.

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