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How data helps you innovate

Data, analytics, and AI are at the very center of making innovations real. It has become evident that it is the critical time to act on the societal and business challenges we face. Data can bring brilliant solutions to battle the effects of climate change, diseases, help those with disabilities, and increase productivity while decreasing the cost of making it.

The Wave 3 is an innovation magazine, part of Capgemini’s Data-powered Innovation Review series, that brings you a fresh selection of concepts, ideas, and stories with real-life examples on how to enable innovative change.

The publication is loaded with 15 various articles, crafted by leading Capgemini experts in data, sharing their life-long experience and vision in innovation. In addition, several articles are in collaboration with key technology partners such as Google, Snowflake, Informatica, Altair, A21 Labs, and Zelros to reimagine what’s possible. These articles are compiled across three main themes: The Rise of Data Collaboration, The Rise of Transformational AI, and The Rise of Data for Good.

It all makes for great, inspirational reading – whatever perspective you might have. There’s always something new to discover and to discuss.

Pick up your snowboard or surfboard: the fresh waves of data-powered innovation are here!


Meet the Experts

Ron TolidoCTO of Global Insights & Data, Capgemini

Ron is an EVP, certified master architect, and Chief Technology Officer of the Insights & Data Global Business Line. In addition to Data-powered Innovation Review, he is also the lead author of Capgemini’s renowned TechnoVision on technology trend series. Based in the Netherlands, Ron is an executive lecturer at several business universities.

The Rise of Data Collaboration

Creating a data-powered culture

Becoming a data-driven organization isn’t as much about data or technology as it is about...

How cross-industry data collaboration powers innovation

Cross-industry data collaboration increasingly fuels innovation across many industries. To...

Unlocking the power of AI with data management

Artificial intelligence is crucial to innovation and business growth in today’s digital world...

The Rise of Transformational AI

A case for context awareness in AI

There have been catastrophic effects of AI use in self-driving cars, including road crashes,...

Using AI augmentation to empower database administrators

As data platforms rapidly evolve and become more powerful, DBAs are the important link...

The Rise of Data for Good

Data and the sustainability ecosystem

As the saying goes in the UK, “make hay whilst the sun shines.” And the sun is shining very...

The wave of data in oceans

The growing ability to measure an increasing number of dynamic characteristics within marine...

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