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Visual Analytics Leader



Data and AI

“I want our people to focus on mastering their craft.”

How I’m working on getting the future I want

I found my tribe here – a group of people who want to explore cool things. I have people I can bounce ideas off of as we explore blockchain and intelligent industry. I don’t know what the future holds, but it’s exciting.

What I do at Capgemini

I spend a third of my time being client-facing, a third on people management, and a third on delivery for Insights & Data. But it’s the coaching and mentoring that I find most enjoyable. It’s a two-way conversation that helps everyone. I liken it to the expression “a rising tide raises all ships.” That’s the kind of approach we have here.

What I value most about my work

I appreciate our approach to delivery. We have a robust model on how things should be done, which allows projects to be delivered on time and on budget. It took me a while to get used to it, but it’s really important. It gives people the right to focus and deliver quality.

How I help empower new grads to master their skills

It’s all about giving them the toolsets and the right exposure. When they’ve just come out of school they’re brilliant, but how do you translate that to a client who is just thinking about going on a journey of transformation? I don’t expect them to solve all the world’s problems, I expect them to show up. I encourage them to choose two to three things they can accomplish in one day and give them the right to take ownership of what they do. We’re strong advocates of people leading in any shape or form, and we’re here for guidance.

A memorable moment

When I first joined, I was on a project that was not going as planned. Our leaders said we would stand by our commitment and deliver. That enabled our people to focus on what we needed to do, and it really spoke to the ethics of the organization. Our leaders really take our ethics to heart and, in the end, the client quoted it as one of the most successful projects they’d ever seen.