Love your career, ace your career with us

At Capgemini, we work with the world’s leading brands to enhance and transform the way they do business. We do this with passion. And we do this by applying the human touch to business and technology. Passionate people are Capgemini’s Ace of spades.

You have the freedom to chart out your career path. But whether you are seeking your very first job or your next career opportunity, every step that you take in your career should add to your growth and development.

Equally important, though, is that your job empowers you to discover and cultivate your passions. At Capgemini, we firmly believe that when you are passionate about what you do, you are more likely to excel at it. You are more likely to make a real difference to your career, to your team, and to the organizations that you work with.

The importance of people and passion

The Capgemini brand has been built on the idea that people are our “Ace of Spades” – our greatest asset and the highest-value card in our hand. In a world that is rapidly changing and technology becomes more important to the way we live and work, it is people and the human touch that they bring to technology that makes all the difference. Capgemini is deeply committed to creating an environment and opportunities that will help you to nurture your passions and to love what you do. And if you demonstrate a love or passion for what you do, we’ll help you to build the skills and obtain the experience that will empower you to ace your career.

Experience that empowers you to excel

We work with some of the largest and most-recognized brands in the world. Time and again, our clients tell us that it is our people that set us apart from the competition. We naturally strive to hire the very best talent, but it is the opportunities that we afford people that enable them to flourish in their roles and become difference makers for some of the world’s biggest companies. Capgemini offers an environment in which people can work in global teams at the very forefront of business and technology. Imagine working with thought leaders and experts from all around the world, implementing business technology projects that challenge the boundaries of what we consider to be possible, and doing all of this for some of the world’s leading brands. Can you imagine a better environment in which to gain experience?

As CEO Paul Hermelin said in our 2017 interactive annual report, “We are proud of doing difficult things for demanding clients, and there is always something to learn when you do difficult things. So they [new joiners] will come and they will join a company that has a strong tradition of delivery and innovation.”


Support on your journey

When you join Capgemini, you have the opportunity to contribute your business and academic expertise and thoughts to real projects from day one. You’ll experience challenges from a variety of different sectors, industries, geographies, and clients. The diversity of this on-the-job experience, combined with mentorship from industry experts and the opportunity to upgrade your skills through our Learning and Development platforms, will empower you to take control of your career and take advantage of the numerous personal development opportunities that will present themselves to you at Capgemini. If you are passionate about your career, then this access to experience and support will enable you to develop the confidence you need to master a business or technology domain, and really influence the outcomes of projects for your team and clients.

Diversity as a differentiator

As a company that employs more than 200,000 people in more than 40 countries around the world, we are committed to the application of fair and ethical working practices across our global team. The diversity of our workforce is a source of strength and inspiration for our colleagues around the world. Ideas benefit from diversity of perspective and our celebration of diversity – be it gender, age, culture, orientation, or thought – sets us apart from other employers and provides our colleagues with a constant source of support and inspiration. Whatever your role, we will encourage you to collaborate globally, to learn from your international colleagues, and to think and act globally in everything you do.

Our ethics and company values seek to empower people to have autonomy in their roles; to make decisions that make a difference in how our teams work and how we manage relationships with our clients. We inspire our people, through our ways of working – to grow, to take ownership of their careers – by  exploring the multitude of career path options available to them. There is no single path for all, but we’ll give you the opportunities to become masters in the areas of the business that you have passion for, and develop your competencies with a sense of purpose.

People as the architects of positive futures

At Capgemini, we believe in a company culture that fosters respect for the communities we interact with; both in the clients we serve and the communities our offices are located within.

Purpose is also found in the daily things we do, like making a difference in how people work, making life more convenient for others, saving time, and digitally transforming enterprise.

A career with us is an opportunity to find purpose in your passion. It is a chance to grow and develop into an ace at what you do.

Love your career. Ace your career.

We invite you to explore your career path with us with an exciting journey of building passion and mastery. Click here to learn more about the current career opportunities with us.

Learn from our people about why they love building their careers with us!

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Join us to experience the difference. Transform your passion into excellence and watch your excellence lead to performance!

Employee stories

Ruth Anne Peters

“Trying out new ideas is key and allows you to expand your horizons”

Tiffani Floyd

I love exploring for creative solutions. I ace at creating trustworthy relationships.

Krishnan K Narayan (Krish)

I love learning from my interactions both within and outside the organization. I ace simple...


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