We are embracing the new normal with new graduate experiences and the power of voice.

At Capgemini, people are our strength. As we set foot into the new normal, we bring forth a wave of new opportunities for fresh graduates. If you feel a sense of ownership, are passionate about technological excellence, or feel empowered by your team’s success, Capgemini is the place for you.

For Gradathon 2020 podcast, we spoke with three professionals at various stages of their career journey at Capgemini. Listen to their stories and experiences, to get inspired.

For most new graduates entering the workforce, things can get a little overwhelming at times. You’re probably eager to apply the knowledge you gained at university, but perhaps apprehensive about the route your career will take. We’re here to help you find the right rhythm and get positive results, enabling you to grow – one step at a time.

Join us to find your passion while we give you purpose.

We believe in:

  • Making remote work fun and innovative
  • Virtual global collaboration, which is at an all-time high even though travel has declined
  • Exploring limitless possibilities through webinars, virtual workshops, and virtual onboarding
  • Work flexibility and the ability to work from ANYWHERE
  • Infinite learning opportunities with every tool required to elevate your career.

Gradathon is designed to help you find answers with the help of graduates who recently joined us.

Graduates make up a significant part of our workforce globally, making you the future of our organization’s success. We invest in your learning and career progression, equipping you with all the tools you need to ace your IT journey with us. The Gradathon aims to provide you with an insight into how our graduates flourish in their roles, and the opportunities we offer. Gradathon is a sneak peek at what your career with us could look like, with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your future.

Follow #Gradathon on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where our graduates will share stories of ‘a day in the life with Capgemini’ and other information to give you an idea as to how you can find purpose in your passion and #LoveYourCareer with us.

Explore opportunities with Capgemini.


An insight into Gradathon

What is Gradathon?

  • Graduate experiences and stories about what it’s like to work for us
  • Discussions about their learnings and career journeys
  • Interactions with peers from across the world!

What can you expect?

  • Stories on career, teams, technology, learning, fun, and much more
  • Graduates’ participation in Future Technology, Learning & Development and Stronger Together initiatives
  • Interactions with YOU via #Gradathon

What’s in it for YOU!

  • Get insight into how your career can take shape at Capgemini
  • Learn about career opportunities available
  • Follow #Gradathon on social to find out why you will #LoveYourCareer and explore #LifeAtCapgemini with us

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