Implementing a cognitive and frictionless procurement model helps your organization facilitate growth, generate revenue, achieve sustainability goals, and drive strategic direction.

Greg Bateup, Expert in Business Process Outsourcing, Intelligent Automation, Source to Pay
Greg Bateup, Head of Cognitive Procurement Services, Capgemini’s Business Services

Procurement. In principle, it’s so straightforward, isn’t it?

A company buys in the general supplies and services it needs. If it’s a manufacturer, it also buys in components and raw materials. Ideally, it would source everything competitively, and to the right specification.

Except it isn’t. All kinds of factors are at work, and the larger the organization, the wider the complexity. For instance, while a business’s quality requirements may be consistent and unified, they may equate to different local standards or class-marks across the many geographies and business area in which the enterprise operates.

This paper looks at how Capgemini’s Frictionless Enterprise approach leverages our Intelligent Digital Ecosystem for Procurement (IDE-P) framework to support your journey towards a cognitive procurement function that boosts and sustain savings and value across your entire organization:

The Frictionless Enterprise-blockchain for the supply chain

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