Does your DCX strategy have emotion?

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Consumers live in a 24/7 globally connected digital world, and because of it, companies that were quick to embrace digital disruption are the ones that now are building more meaningful brand-based relationships with their customers.

I realize I am not the first to say this, but count me in as a true believer: every company is a technology company now, no matter what product or service you provide. That’s because consumers live in a 24/7 globally connected digital world. Companies that were quick to embrace digital disruption are the ones that now are successfully transforming and building more meaningful brand-based relationships with their customers.

The state of disruption is moving faster than anyone has experienced before. I don’t see a tipping point on the horizon that indicates any slowing down of this pace. At Capgemini, our clients are asking us to partner with them to deliver on more complex transformational agendas than ever before. New marketplace entrants and disruptors, emerging technologies, and evolving consumer expectations are altering relationships and connection points across people, business and technology. In this environment, the ability to develop a company’s internal strategic muscle for both evaluating and fast-tracking new technology solutions is valuable currency.

Ok, then what’s next? Your leadership team needs to get busy about developing a highly developed strategic muscle for assessing and fast-tracking new business models in a way that is more customer-focused and agile than you have brought to the marketplace ever before.

The right partners help. Brands today need partners who have skin in the game with them – who can help them imagine new and better ways of doing business and then realize that transformation through technology. Our “Echo” process was developed specifically to help clients identify competitors not shackled to current market realities and envision a future not limited by existing business, infrastructure or political constraints. The result is a digital customer experience strategy defined by connection.

Capgemini was very excited to recently welcome the team at Lyons Consulting Group (LYONSCG) to our family of global talent. LYONSCG has produced award-winning and game-changing work for clients in the retail and consumer markets space (sectors in which the pace of disruption has been unprecedented). Together, our newly expanded teams are helping global brands create meaningful connections that bring purpose to their business.

LYONSCG’s recent launch of a re-imagined digital experience for the Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. brings to life the importance of putting an emotional connection at the core of your brand’s digital experience. Built on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, The LYONSCG team has replicated the emotion of the iconic Build-A-Bear in-store experience with an equally family-focused and engaging immersive digital experience.

The value of partnership is unlocked when the shared focus is on delivering the emotional magic in your digital customer experience strategy. Do not neglect the importance of it. If you can deliver an experience that evolves your customers’ meaningful connection to your brand, you will move your customer base from highly-satisfied transactions to emotionally-connected brand advocates. If you can connect your digital experience to a sustainable journey of operational excellence, then you are embarking on the pathway to resonant and sustained brand differentiation.

John Mullen,  Head of North American Markets

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