Store-in-a-Box: Assured Reliability and Performance

Respond quickly and comprehensively to changing market conditions with Store-in-a-Box – a reliable, high-performance service that already supports more than 1 billion transactions across 36,000 stores.

Does Your Business Operations Hamper Your Business Growth?

In today’s highly competitive retail landscape, the ability to respond to volatile market conditions rapidly and comprehensively is imperative. But finding the required agility can often be hampered by cumbersome IT systems, non-standard business processes and limited customer support services.
You understand that an integrated support model providing data assurance, global capability and a thorough testing environment is essential, but the cost of implementing and then dismantling such an environment on a per project basis is expensive and time consuming.

A Fully Integrated Technology and Operations (ITOPS) Retail Solution in a Box

Store-in-a-Box is an end-to-end offering that ranges from development testing, deployment testing, deployment and rollout, to advanced analytics and service support. 
Our Store-in-a-Box:
  • Aligns to your business goals to improve your revenue generation opportunities and drive profitability via a store-centric key performance indicator (KPI) model.
  • Provides a flexible engagement model and customized solutions where pricing, support and coverage can be tailored according to your company’s requirements.
  • Is enabled by proprietary tools such as TestMate and Omni-POS, and frameworks for store management and store experience management.

Packaged Experience, Competence and Expertise

Our experience of delivering store operations with some of the largest retail chains has informed the design of our unique Store-in-a-Box offering. Our offering packages our competency in delivering contact center, support, quality and operations to give you a specific solution that addresses the complexity of store operations and management. The results your business can gain from Store-in-a-Box include:
  • 7% improvement in profitability for small to mid-size retailers
  • Improved in-store response to price and promotion changes
  • 50% productivity improvement
  • 20% boost in customer satisfaction
  • More resilient technology

To learn more about how our Store-in-a-Box can drive your reliability, profitability and speed to market, email: