Procure-to-Pay automation and adoption

Increase compliance and automation of your operational procurement process; our IBX Purchase-to-Pay solution leverages the PEPPOL network to deliver lower costs and increased transparency. Become ready for the next generation of eProcurement.

eProcurement with connection to one proprietary network, no more!

Currently, many buying organizations mandate that their suppliers use the proprietary network of their chosen providers. These closed networks are expensive and challenging for suppliers to maintain because they must – in a worst-case scenario – connect to a different service provider for each buying organization. Ultimately, this system creates friction by limiting the flexibility of suppliers and introducing a great deal of complexity. 

IBX Purchase-to-Pay – A complete eProcurement experience 

Choosing Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) will allow suppliers to choose their own service providers, which will then be able to connect to the entire network and allow all organizations to connect each of their partners through a single provider. By no longer mandating that your suppliers use your eProcurement provider’s network, you will make it cheaper and easier for these organizations and significantly improve on-boarding for eProcurement and e-Invoicing initiatives. Choosing an open network will simplify the process for all involved parties. Make sure your eProcurement system is prepared for the future.

We will get you connected quickly

Capgemini IBX PEPPOL Access Point is one of the most experienced PEPPOL Access Point providers within both the public and private sectors. Since the initiative began in 2008, we have helped our customers get connected to the PEPPOL network. As a result, we have the expertise to quickly and efficiently provide your organization with full and seamless access.
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