IBX Supplier Network

Connect and collaborate with more than half a million suppliers worldwide. With the help of the IBX Supplier Network, buyers and suppliers can streamline their business commerce operations, lower their costs and improve the way they work together.

Connect, Engage and Collaborate

The technical challenges and high costs associated with custom built or enterprise-specific portal solutions have been obstacles to e-commerce. The IBX Supplier Network overcomes them, enabling you to increase contract compliance and automate the management of orders and invoices. Many of your suppliers are already active on the IBX Supplier Network, and those suppliers not already on the network can be enabled quickly. 

Quickly ramp up your supplier collaboration

Capgemini’s analyst-rewarded supplier activation service guarantees fast adoption by connecting you directly with the IBX Supplier Network. Capgemini offers an optimal activation strategy, adaptable to different supplier groups for faster ROI as well as a focused effort to quickly secure the top suppliers – combined with cost-efficient large scale automated activations to capture the tail end of your supply base. The IBX Supplier Network makes it easy for your suppliers to support your e-invoice and procurement initiatives with easy-to-use invoicing and catalog management tools.

Leverage Value for Buyers and Suppliers

The IBX Supplier Network is the leading ERP independent e-commerce network for both buyers and suppliers. Buyers benefit from fast supplier onboarding, higher compliance and the ability to reduce their invoice processing costs by more than 80%. Suppliers can reduce purchase order processing time from days to hours while reducing processing costs by up to 75% and invoice errors by 85%. 

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