IBX Source-to-Contract

Discover a simple, intuitive eSourcing solution. IBX eSourcing maximizes usage to increase productivity, compliance and savings.

More eSourcing, more savings

Many CPOs implement eSourcing programs to increase savings and shorten sourcing process times, but a large number of these initiatives fail to deliver on expectations. The primary reason? Lack of user acceptance.
The solution provided should be one that users want to use, not something that is forced on them. Users across a wide variety of organizations have quickly embraced IBX eSourcing, thanks to the tool’s highly intuitive user interface.

Strategic Procurement

IBX Source-to-Contract consists of three modules: 

  • Spend Analytics improves spend visibility and identifies opportunities
  • Contract Management increases control of contracts and reduces risk
  • eSourcing drives productivity and savings by maximizing usage

Each module includes applications and optional services. Spend Analytics includes implementation services and regular data refreshes. Within Contract Management, we offer contract compliance and optimization services performed by a team of legal experts. Within Sourcing, we offer RFx Factory, a service that allows customers to reap the benefits of eSourcing without using the tool. 

IBX - eSourcing Simplified

Your Global Partner for Procurement Success

We work closely with our clients to tailor the best and fastest route to deployment and improved business outcomes. Together, we leverage Capgemini’s knowledge as an experienced procurement and change management provider to customize the implementation approach in order to fit your specific needs. 

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