e-Invoicing via PEPPOL

e-Invoicing via PEPPOL is quickly becoming the new standard across Europe. Make sure you are ready to join in order to take advantage of the numerous cost saving and efficiency improvement opportunities it offers.

Requests for e-invoices via PEPPOL are spreading across Europe

Many organizations within both the public and private sectors are requesting that e-Invoices are sent via the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) network. The National Health Services in the UK and the government of Norway have already made it mandatory to trade through the PEPPOL network. Organizations without access will miss out on cost savings, efficiency improvements, and business opportunities as more buying organizations make the move. The benefits of this kind of shift include process cost reductions of up to 75% and up to 18% more invoices paid on time. 

Connect once and send e-Invoices to everybody on PEPPOL

IBX Business Network helps you meet the legal requirements necessary to fulfill the demands of your customers to receive e-Invoices. We take care of the full process from start to finish and our solutions grow with your e-Invoice volume. You can avoid interruptions by adopting our easy-to-use invoice portal and eventually integrating to send invoices directly from your system as volumes grow. Being able to send e-Invoices will not only make you more attractive as a supplier, it will also reduce the cost of printing, envelopes, and postage. Once connected to a PEPPOL Access Point, you are not only able to send e-Invoices to everyone on the PEPPOL network, you will also be able to receive orders and upload catalogs.

We will get you connected quickly

Capgemini IBX PEPPOL Access Point is one of the most experienced PEPPOL Access Point providers within both the public and private sectors. Since the initiative began in 2008, we have helped our customers get connected to the PEPPOL network. As a result, we have the expertise to quickly and efficiently provide your organization with full and seamless access.
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