Connecting to PEPPOL

PEPPOL is quickly becoming the universal standard for electronic document exchange across Europe. Make sure you are connected in order to be compliant, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Request for compliance spreading across Europe

Today, major organizations such as the National Health Services in the UK and the government of Norway are making it mandatory to trade through the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) network. Organizations without access will miss out on cost savings, efficiency improvements, and business opportunities as more and more buying organizations make the move to PEPPOL and to e-enabled suppliers. The benefits from this kind of shift include process cost reductions of up to 75%, up to 40% reduction in support calls, and up to 18% more invoices paid on time. 

PEPPOL – Connect once and you are ready to go!

PEPPOL enables organizations to use a universal set of electronic commerce standards through one network for document exchange and evaluation. This includes technical specifications for eProcurement, product descriptions, and organizational certification. You are no longer forced to enter into multiple agreements with the mandated providers of each of your customers. Choose one PEPPOL Access Point provider to use your preferred format and method of communication to reach all buyers and suppliers. IBX PEPPOL Access Point services include:
  • Management of orders, invoices, and all other documents supported by PEPPOL
  • Catalog upload and content management
  • System-to-system integration

We will get you connected quickly

Capgemini IBX PEPPOL Access Point is one of the most experienced PEPPOL Access Point providers within both the public and private sectors. Since the initiative began in 2008, we have helped our customers get connected to the PEPPOL network. As a result, we have the expertise to quickly and efficiently provide your organization with full and seamless access. 
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