About IBX

Over the past 13 years, the IBX Business Network has successfully empowered large enterprises all over the world to seamlessly connect, transact and collaborate with their suppliers. Our Cloud-based products and services provide a true closed-loop procurement environment.

Today, the products and solutions within the IBX Business Network are largely ERP-independent, meaning that our Cloud-based eProcurement solutions are built to work in harmony with a majority of the dominant back-end systems in the marketplace, such as Oracle, NetSuite and SAP.

We envision a “World of Connected Businesses”, where businesses are empowered to make the most of their procurement capabilities, via usability and a deep understanding of senior stakeholder needs. We believe that in order for procurement departments to fulfill their mandate and become strategic partners within their organizations, they need to “Make Procurement Everybody’s Business”. This includes all stakeholders in the procurement process.

Apart from solving the critical business challenges of compliance, transparency and productivity for core audiences within CPO and CFO organizations, this means making the solutions more user-friendly for casual users and professional buyers alike. Because 60 to 80 percent of users are casual, they don’t need to work in a professional purchasing environment. We develop our products with this in mind, playing on the familiarity users have with online shopping and social media in order to make the procurement process as simple, intuitive and painless as possible.

For us, building an effective and value-oriented procurement department means making a cultural shift away from the “policing” function traditionally associated with the department to building what we call a “compliance-oriented culture”. This is achieved by enabling all users to become part of the procurement process by giving them access to procurement tools and knowledge they might not already have at the click of a button. By making the procurement process a natural, default behavior, more spend is captured, maverick spending is curbed and productivity increases, leaving users to focus on their core tasks.

Additionally, we keep the priorities of senior management in mind, beyond just that of the CPO and CFO. Embedded in our product development strategy is the attitude that the right procurement solution can have a positive impact on a business, not only operationally but also strategically. Our global view of the benefits of procurement helps the procurement department become a strategic partner within your organization. This is achieved by catering to the needs of the CTO (by building on existing technology investments while introducing Cloud-based solutions and quick implementation times) the CEO (via increased profitability and better transparency) and HR (via minimal training, increased user satisfaction and retention).This approach allows clients to quantifiably show their value to internal stakeholders, thereby taking on a strategic and enabling role within their organizations.

The IBX Business Network comprises three product suites, covering the following areas:


Strategic Procurement

IBX Source-to-Contract consists of three modules. Spend Analytics improves spend visibility and identifies opportunities, Contract Management increases control of contracts and reduces risk, and the easy to use eSourcing module maximizes usage among all stakeholders and drives productivity, compliance and savings. Each module includes applications and optional services. Spend Analytics comprises an onshore implementation service followed by data refreshes on a regular basis by an offshore team. Within Contract Management, Capgemini offers contract compliance and optimization services performed by a team of legal, commercial and operational experts. Within Sourcing, we offer RFx Factory, a service that allows customers to reap the benefits of eSourcing without using eSourcing tools. You perform the strategic work while Capgemini runs the event, manages supplier participation and support and delivers a summary of the event results back to you – closing the loop to support your award decision. Capgemini uses its global capabilities and the Capgemini Rightshore® Delivery Network to deliver this service, ensuring resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness for clients.

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Operational Procurement

IBX Purchase-to-Pay is a flexible, Cloud-based solution that automates and supports the entire Purchase-to-Pay process, delivering increased value to all stakeholders in an organization. It guides employee purchasing with an intuitive shopping experience similar to consumer web shops. The mobile approval app gives managers increased control and enables quick approval. Productivity is increased in the purchasing department through a higher degree of no-touch purchase orders and a more efficient process to manage high-value purchases and ad-hoc needs in a fast spot-buying process. Accounts Payable benefits from increased automation, electronic invoicing and a reduced number of supplier queries.

IBX Purchase-to-Pay delivers a single procurement channel across diverse ERP landscapes for increased procurement compliance, leading to global spend visibility and bottom-line savings.

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Supplier Network 

The IBX Supplier Network gives buyers the ability to connect to new suppliers and deepen relationships with existing parties. Features include catalog management, advanced search capabilities, social interactions, profile management tools and quote and bid-features – plus order and invoice management services. Suppliers register through a self-service interface and pay no upfront fees. Buyers can invite and collaborate with suppliers by browsing their extensive profiles and the rich content offerings found in supplier catalogs. These catalogs can be either used directly through the public catalog listing or adapted to individual buyer needs, depending on the preference of the buyer.

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The three product categories also include managed services offerings delivered by in-house consultants, ranging from implementation and change management projects all the way through to supplier services, training and onboarding new suppliers.

In addition to our product range, we also promote and develop value-adding services to our customers, helping them fully maximize their investment in our technologies and capabilities. These services range from operational tasks such as supplier enablement and assisted buying all the way through to technology implementation and change management offerings. We promote an Open Network model, and our objective is to become the leading vendor and a trusted advisor in the closed-loop P2P solutions marketplace through innovation and thought leadership in processes and best practices.

The individual technologies and practices of the IBX Business Network are ISO-certified, as well as certified and validated by technology providers compatible with our products, such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and others. We work on multiple platforms, allowing for a flexible or two-tiered strategy, connected to an on-premise, Cloud or hybrid infrastructure – your terms, your requirements.

With all these features and services, customers can collaborate and connect with suppliers, reduce and capture spend, manage relationships, optimize technology investments, drive up contract compliance and increase employee productivity. Driving all processes across the entire Source-Purchase-Pay closed-loop gives senior stakeholders more options and allows them to make strategic decisions with fact-based confidence. Your procurement function gets more backing as its value to the organization is quantifiable, transforming your procurement department into a strategic partner within your organization. This is what we bring to our customers – making procurement everybody’s business.