Cognitive Document Processing

In a competitive and highly regulated Financial Services industry, how do find the balance between superior customer service and efficient cost management? Improving your document management provides one answer.  

The Challenges of Effective Document Management

Many companies in the financial services and healthcare industries rely on information obtained from documents to perform key operation activities. To approve a new loan, for example, residential mortgage lenders collect hundreds of pages of document images.
The management of these documents – from receipt through to dispatch – can be costly, inefficient and limit access to comprehensive, analytical insight into your business.

But There is a Way to Make it Work

Capgemini’s Cognitive Document Processing (CDP) uses cognitive automation technology developed by our partner HeavyWater to read and interpret digitized documents. Once interpreted, these results generate feedback that is used to deliver the organized documents and associated data to you for use in downstream business processes.
Cognitive Document Processing follows a proven process flow to deliver business driven results – priced on a per-page basis, with specific pricing determined case-by-case depending on:
  • The scope of integration between your existing technology and HeavyWater’s platform.
  • The scope of your documents to be organized.
  • The mix of services.
  • Usage volume.


Innovative Technology Delivering Business Focused Outcomes

By automating tasks that in the past could only have been performed by people, Cognitive Document Processing delivers a range of benefits that include:
  • Enhanced operational efficiency 
  • Increased productivity and quality 
  • Reduced cost 
  • Enhanced agility 
  • Increased compliance 


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