The new age of hyperintelligence and its impact on business

Developments in AI are making today’s technology revolution unlike any in history – and they have significant implications for how businesses will operate moving forwards.

Xavier Hochet
Christopher Stancombe

Christopher Stancombe (Executive Vice President, Capgemini) and Xavier Hochet (Head of Europe, Capgemini’s Business Services) believe that the current wave of technological innovation will have a much greater impact than any such wave before it.

As such, it is ushering in a new age of hyperintelligence, where people will work collaboratively with machines to achieve previously unobtainable outcomes. This is bringing about a fundamental rethinking of how businesses operate and organize themselves.

Published consecutively in the next few weeks, this series of articles looks at:

Going beyond mere speculation on the impact of AI, these articles reveal the practical and strategic changes required as businesses move into the new age of hyperintelligence – providing insights, challenges, and new perspectives to decision-makers across all areas of business today.

AI is opening a new chapter for business

AI explained – using a framework based on five senses

How organizations can benefit from a new alliance between humans and machines

The infrastructure of AI – the technology that is enabling our imagination to become real

No more compromise between user experience, efficiency, and effectiveness

Implementing artificial intelligence successfully

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