Supply Chain Management Sustainability

Business is facing increasing pressure to monitor, measure and report its sustainability performance. Capgemini’s BPO Sustainability service provides an efficient outsourced back office to support all aspects of sustainability management and deliver reliable information to support management decision making.

Optimizing Sustainable Performance

Capgemini is a leading provider of data management solutions, drawing on the experience and expertise gained as a market leader in business process management. Our expert teams can help your company optimize operations, reduce costs, and find more efficient ways of working.

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of sustainability data management, including:

  • Environmental strategies and management systems
  • Corporate environmental reporting
  • Carbon footprinting and emission control methodologies
  • Natural resource assessment and management
  • Corporate responsibility programs
  • Supply chain management
  • Audit, compliance and corporate governance systems
  • Information and reporting technology

Sustainable Value at Each Step of the Supply Chain

The monitoring, measuring and reporting of sustainability data is presenting a number of challenges to companies today. Data overload, problems with consolidation, and multiple emissions factors are a few of the issues that complicate the data management process.

BPO Sustainability enables leading companies to take control of their sustainability information to achieve competitive advantage in the market. Our bundled service combines our expertise in business process outsourcing with the efficiency of CA Technologies’ EcoSoftware Suite for a single contract price. This offer supports all aspects of sustainability, including carbon accounting, water and waste management, natural resource use, energy efficiency, and corporate social responsibility programs.

By outsourcing sustainability information management, you will:

  • Gain insight into your energy and resource management to drive operational efficiency
  • Gain time and resources otherwise spent on routine data collection and analysis
  • Drive efficiencies by optimizing data management processes
  • Manage risk by ensuring compliance and voluntary reporting requirements are reliably implemented
  • Protect and enhance brand reputation through enhanced sustainability communications

BPO Sustainability offers:

  • Workflow management to provide an optimized and consistent data consolidation process
  • Sophisticated cloud computing platform incorporating leading sustainability protocols
  • Global online information support 

Dedicated Team with Multidisciplinary Experience

Our approach is based on a sound understanding of your business needs. An audit and benchmark enable us to define the optimum approach tailored to your objectives.

The Capgemini BPO team handles the data management process using industry best practice standards and protocols. We use the advanced CA Technologies ecoGovernance software, a cloud computing platform that enables efficient and rigorous collection, analysis and output of sustainability data. Our dedicated data processing service centers focus on delivering the highest standard of data integrity, so you can focus on management and operations.

Tesco Strengthens its Global Focus on Sustainability with Capgemini

Capgemini provides new managed service for energy and carbon data management.

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