Integration Management

While outsourcing has been around for a while, multi-sourcing—outsourcing IT components to multiple suppliers—is fast becoming the outsourcing model of the future. To address the challenges multi-sourcing can present, we recognized the need and created a comprehensive offering for Integration Management.
Integration Management allows IT organizations to manage cost effective, scalable, measurable and compliant IT service solutions, within a single or multi-supplier outsourced environment.  Integration Management yields increases in customer satisfaction and business effectiveness.

Our approach in assisting IT organizations on this journey consists of four phases:
  • The Discover phase
  • The Plan phase
  • The Build phase
  • The Implement phase

Integration Management reduces ongoing client IT oversight requirements, establishes a proactive approach that focuses on delivering end-to-end services, and addresses scalability by absorbing volume growth while maintaining and/or reducing costs. We help you:
  • Recognize and implement changes in roles, responsibilities and work approach across the enterprise IT organization and supplier base
  • Focus on value added proactive end-to-end solutions that support and are derived from tangible business requirements
  • Evolve from a service execution to a service management model
  • Implement a robust Integration Management governance structure which complements existing IT organization governance structures


Assessment Framework

We recognized that clients need to understand their overall Integration Management maturity and have defined an assessment framework and tool addressing this need.  This unique assessment approach provides insight to create a roadmap for the Integration Management vision around:
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Governance
  • Integration Management Playbook
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Process
  • Services
  • Architecture
  • Tools
We're already working with IT organizations to help them understand and build a successful Integration Management framework that yields long-term results.
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