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BPO is not just about cost savings. When implemented properly, BPO can provide a much-needed boost to innovation within an enterprise. In the latest edition of our magazine Innovation Nation, we focus on how we facilitate innovation with our Cloud-based solution Virtual Company, and bring world-class outcomes to our clients.

It’s All About Addressing Back-Office Challenges to Boost Innovation

Whether for business expansion

Or running a business

The story behind our Virtual Company launch

by Andrzej Hutniczak

Tackling an innovation-killing back office – the idea came from our efforts to resolve a real-life challenge for one of our largest clients.

Murphy’s BPO Law

by Carole Murphy

When an F&A system is in the cloud, how does that impact BPO? What improvements does it bring in terms of the client’s ability to get better data faster, to be more flexible and agile?

Accelerating World-Class Outcomes for Our Clients

Sticking to a progressive game-plan

Ferro and Capgemini have developed a value-based BPO relationship that goes beyond the basics

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Show me the money

A beverages company received €1M additional cash from our vendor ledger analysis and payments recovery project

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[Video] Processing the processes

How far can you go in outsourcing an entire process? Nokia Networks Executive Hubertus von Manstein on how Capgemini BPO helped revamp a huge amount of their delivery.

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Centers of Excellence

Click on the city names for a look at some of our centers’ innovations and achievements over the past few months


Helped a leading metals company achieve 17% efficiency gain in AP and savings in excess of €700,000 in category management


Meeting the growing demand to support Chinese supply chain and F&A operations of global enterprises


Enterprise Content Management team receives thanks for helping a manufacturing client achieve a top ranking in a product support survey


Supply chain BPO portfolio boosted with two new clients to be served out of local center


A proprietary dispute management tool helped slash the resolution turnaround time for a logistics giant by 20%


Partnered with All Faiths Food Bank to sort and box donated food to support local food assistance programs

Guatemala City

Successful GEM-based transformation for a leading US retailer reduced DSO by 6 days, increased accounts current to 86%, and improved working capital by over €1.95M annually

Spotlight on Brazil
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