Business Analytics for Consumer Products and Retailers

Consumer products and retail companies need instant information to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. We give you real-time data, information consistency and efficient processes to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Know Your Customer with Business Information

To succeed, consumer products companies and retailers must know their customers and add value to every interaction. The best tools are information systems and technologies that enable real-time collaboration with suppliers, consumers and partners. At Capgemini, we help you use these tools to maximize your competitive advantage.

Get the Most from Your Data

We help you best use information to gain business intelligence. Our solutions enable you to make solid decisions based on timely and reliable information. They include:

Using Data to Gain Insights

Our experts have worked with hundreds of consumer products and retail companies to help them reap the benefits of business information solutions. For example, we provided:

  • Unilever with access to real-time information that doubled its business without increasing its environmental footprint
  • Provimi with an SAP HANA business analytics solution to accelerate decision making 
  • Philips with global data synchronization for three product divisions resulting in a consistent approach and value-added shopper interaction
  • A US discount store chain with a holistic BIM program to unlock the potential of the massive volumes of available data
  • Albert Heijn with an automated data management solution to improve data accuracy and reduce errors
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