Green Office

Capgemini’s Green Office is a practical and interactive guide on how and where to deploy IT to save money, create a greener workplace and enable sustainable ways of working.

Capgemini’s Green Office is available here.

Harness the Workplace’s Green Potential

When deployed effectively, IT offers tremendous opportunities to help enterprises improve their energy efficiency and assume an optimal position to deal with existing or forthcoming environmental legislation.

Use Technology to Fulfill your Environmental Objectives

Capgemini’s interactive Green Office shows you how to harness the benefits of both existing and emerging technologies to help you:

  • Reduce costs and your carbon footprint
  • Ensure compliance with existing and forthcoming legislation
  • Improve your CSR credentials

In addition to making your existing IT estate greener, IT can also be deployed to:

  • Facilitate sustainable ways of working, such as environmentally friendly work-from-home initiatives
  • Reduce dependency on long-distance business travel, as a result of unified communication and collaborative tools

Discover More

Capgemini’s Green IT solutions can help your organization fulfill its environmental and sustainability objectives.
Capgemini’s GreenCube gives an interactive view on how we can help you become greener.


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