Episode 6: Cutting the hidden costs of cloud

Cloud technology is everywhere now. Even a company like our fictional global business Bluestock — with all its legacy infrastructure — has been investing in it for over a decade. But how do we really know if these investments are paying off? That’s the question Bluestock’s new CEO asked of his CIO, who went off to analyze their cloud spend versus their cloud benefits.



It soon became apparent that various Business Units had been buying and managing their own cloud services in isolation from the rest of the business.

Consequently, the IT department had little to no visibility on overall spend — and had been unable to manage the use of these ‘shadow’ IT services to ensure best value for money.

It had been a piecemeal approach to cloud that probably cost Bluestock more than it returned.


The CIO quickly decided that a centralized cloud strategy was needed. Bluestock needed a “big picture” approach, encompassing everything from small departmental software deployments right up to an organization-wide platform-as-a-service solution.

With a complex landscape of apps, services and infrastructure to manage, the CIO talked to various providers for advice. She knew that Bluestock’s operations were too mission-critical to rely solely on the public cloud. But an in-house private cloud solution would be too costly to implement — and would only add to her CAPEX responsibilities.


The conversation she had with Capgemini helped her to formulate a more balanced approach. They helped plan a roadmap to a hybrid cloud strategy that would bring ownership and control back to IT.

Using an engineered approach to migration, with clear methodologies and frameworks for planning, integration and security, they offered a more comprehensive and cost-effective service than competing public cloud providers.

Plus, they helped with the CAPEX/OPEX rebalancing by taking on Bluestock’s data centers as part of their move to a platform-as-a-service. This helped them transition to the new world of data-driven digital services quickly, cost-efficiently and with confidence.

By joining up the dots and seeing the bigger picture, Bluestock has regained control of its cloud strategy and is better able to assess the business value of its investments. In the next blog post, we’ll look at how new digital tools are enhancing the experience at work for Bluestock’s employees.

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