Rail & Public Transport

Rail and Public Transport operators are managing increasingly complex transportation systems while being asked to provide safer and more affordable mobility at the same time. They must deal with issues related to capacity and congestion, operational efficiency and reliability, structural and competitive concerns, safety and security.

What We Offer

Our work with rail companies (operators and infrastructure companies) has ranged from setting up IT transformation road maps to application development and integration to running financial systems to program management for a major freight railroad company to helping make wifi available on passenger trains.

We have established relationships with several public transport companies, including a long-term applications management agreement with a leading bus operator and a technology transformation program for a large metropolitan train lines system.

Putting all the pieces together allows us to help rail and public transport companies integrate business processes, reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies – and deliver true value.

Deliver, Define and Support

Capgemini recognizes these challenges and offers transport-specific solutions involving enterprise asset management, advanced planning & scheduling, positive train control, reservation systems and fleet management as a way to help. We also help companies define their freight strategy and customer service strategy and with re-engineering of finance and procurement processes.

Once solutions have been implemented Capgemini is also available to host applications and IT infrastructures. Through our certified local and global delivery centers we continually support, develop and evolve critical business applications for clients across the entire industry spectrum.