Digital Workplace Transformation with G Suite

Digitalize your workplace. Radically improve performance. Partner with Capgemini to move to G Suite and join the ranks of the 2 million+ for-profit companies that have already gone Google.

A digital workplace is now requirement, not just an option

The digital revolution hasn’t just impacted the ways companies interact with their customers; it’s changing the workplace as well. Not only are employees increasingly mobile and dependent on real-time access to information, they also increasingly expect robust digital experiences at work. Enterprises need to re-examine the way they address employee satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity in order to enable a highly engaged, collaborative workplace that seamlessly leverages digital innovation to deliver superior performance.

Our approach is designed to increase utilization, accelerate adoption, and maximize benefits. We focus on people-centered strategies that enable new working paradigms that translates to significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Digitalize your workplace today

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Digital Workplace Transformation with G Suite

Capgemini helps you transform to a digital workplace and completely re-think the way you work with G Suite, a complete set of messaging, storage, collaboration, management, and compliance tools that are built in the cloud and require only a browser to run.

We help you maximize your migration to G Suite and enable lasting change within your workplace by offering strategic advisory services, end-to-end, enterprise-level technical support, and change management expertise including Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Workplace Transformation Framework.

Your digital workplace transformation experts

Capgemini has implemented G Suite for companies around the globe, and VDAB. We ensure success with a holistic, end-to-end view of G Suite, drawing on our significant sector expertise, vast experience across all technological domains, and global practice of more than 3,000 Capgemini Consulting digital transformation experts. These competencies combined with our track record of 5,000 cloud projects since 2012 and more than 2,500 cybersecurity global practitioners mean that you can make the move to G Suite with confidence.