Digital Industrial Asset Lifecycle Management (DiALM)

For large enterprises with substantial investments in complex industrial assets, DiALM standardizes asset information on a single digital platform, empowering you to make the right decisions.

Making Decisions with Multiple Information Sources

Industrial asset managers make critical decisions throughout their assets’ lifecycles, from design to decommissioning. Often, they do so by using multiple information sources obtained from a patchwork of software. Without a single information stream, decision-making can become delayed or ineffective leading to:

  • Expensive project delays
  • Industrial accidents
  • Regulatory penalties

Asset managers need a single digital platform that records and processes data to help them reduce costs and risks, while increasing preparedness for production spikes, natural calamities or maintenance shutdowns.

Single Platform to Create Digital Identity of Assets

DiALM leverages a single digital platform to integrate all asset data and orchestrate data processing. It offers an incremental approach to managing assets from:

  • Critical to less critical, with increased data depth
  • Data acquisition to data production process control
  • Pilots to highly available integrated implementations


  • Increased asset security, productivity & lifespan,
  • Accurate, timely and high-quality insights to improve decision-making capabilities
  • A comprehensive repository with continuous data validation allowing each business process to use, create and update asset data
  • A single logical instance of Asset Data to improve digital levers efficiency such as Mobility, Predictive Asset Maintenance; Asset Investment Planning; Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
  • A choice of deployment options: Available either on-premise, or hosted in the AWS Cloud as a managed business service to reduce upfront investment

Capgemini’s Expertise in Asset-Intensive Industries

DiALM brings together the expertise gained from years of executing projects for major asset-intensive companies as part of joint R&D efforts between Capgemini and AVEVA, the world’s leading engineering software provider for plant and power industries.

Capgemini is leveraging DiALM with NNB Generation Company Ltd, a subsidiary of EDF Energy, to manage information on the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in the UK.

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