Cybersecurity for Industrial Systems

Digital transformation opens the door to multiple end-point devices within an organization’s industrial and embedded systems, putting not just the enterprise at risk, but external users too.

This demands heightened governance, protection and supervision mechanisms.

Safeguarding systems, networks and connected devices

Cyber attacks on industrial systems can have severe consequences. Their impact extends from data to industrial infrastructures, and potentially people’s safety. Connected objects within these systems, from sensors to connected vehicles, can be targeted by cyber criminals. With the move towards interconnecting business management systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), this is now a real and urgent problem that must be addressed to ensure you stay competitive in the digital age.

Enabling new ways of working

We offer our clients a range of services designed to protect business-critical systems, such as industrial control systems (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and embedded systems. Our Industrial Cybersecurity offering includes: Industrial System Security Assessment helping critical system operators defend themselves against sabotage and blackmail attack; Digital Manufacturing, securing products and industrial systems; and Energy IoT, protecting smart, connected assets. It’s a comprehensive offering embracing new ways of working (machine-to-machine and mobile) across diverse industries.

Protecting industrial systems across all sectors

Capgemini has Europe’s biggest team of cybersecurity experts specialized in industrial systems. Our unique capability for protecting industrial and embedded systems is supported by world-class R&D teams working on solutions adapted to an industrial context. We’ve been securing the industrial systems of major industrial operators and manufacturers for many years, all of which demand the highest level of system security. For example, we helped a global industry leader in the utilities sector define the security protections and deploy them on all their industrial sites. The plan included raising awareness on security amongst employees.

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