Digital Supply Chain

In an increasingly demanding, global, and competitive market landscape, is your supply chain driving value or hindering growth?

Tackling the challenges of a complex supply chain

In an age of increasingly complex corporate and consumer landscapes, businesses are struggling to meet ever more demanding supply chain challenges. Companies are required to sense fluctuations in demand well in advance, and take agile and decisive actions to respond.

In addition, a lack of transparency, complex processes, and poor partner relationships can impact a company’s lead times.

Digital transformation for your supply chain

Capgemini’s Digital Supply Chain is a comprehensive service that standardizes and integrates your supply chain master data with planning, execution, and insights, based on a proven and comprehensive framework.

Our Digital Supply Chain solution comprises a number of supply chain operations, including:

  • Touchless Supply Chain Planning – putting your customers at the very center of our solution, opening your channels to new, innovative business models that can lead to increased revenue, profitability, and working capital, as well as enhanced customer satisfaction moves your business away from a “plan-source-make-deliver” model to a multidirectional live supply network, transforming your planning function into one that is executed in real-time, highly agile, and performed primarily autonomously.
  • Order Management – from the time an order is placed until it is fulfilled can involve many and complex processes and have many dependencies. Managing this requires an intensity of attention that is ideally suited to automation and benefits greatly from real-time analytics. Our Order Management solution brings together methodology, technology, and automation across your catalogue management, order entry, order fulfilment, to deliver a superior customer experience, increased profit, and enhanced customer loyalty.
  • Master Data Management – at a time when businesses risk drowning in a vast ocean of data, our Master Data Management solution brings together information from key supply chain entities such as raw and packing material, promotional assets, engineering stores, finished goods, manufacturing assets. This provides the control needed to automate and stabilize the collation, storage, and use of your corporate data to accelerate customer and supplier onboarding, improve inventory management, increase procurement arbitrage and efficiency, and deliver global consistency to your business.
  • Supply Chain Analytics – most companies strive to understand their supply chain from beginning to end. They know that the easy identification of stock-keeping units (SKU), the determination of the right safety stock levels, and the ability to predict market dynamics can bring competitive advantage and cost control – but they also know that getting to this point is never easy. Our Supply Chain Analytics solution improves your operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling you to take data-driven decisions at strategic, operational, and tactical levels across sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.

Why Capgemini?

Our Digital Supply Chain offering represents a broad, deep, and comprehensive service that combines business process management from “plan to deliver,” with Capgemini’s best-in-class cloud-based solutions – including analytics and insights, real-time visibility and interactions, benchmarking and maturity assessments, digital transformation, and change management.

Digital Supply Chain can deliver substantial benefits, such as:

  • 10% increase in order fill rate
  • 50% to 90% increase in material availability
  • Over 98% improvement in master data accuracy
  • 18% reduction in stock
  • 35% to 85% improvement in “zero touch” production planning

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