Average Banking Prices Decline as Financial Crisis Pressures Banks to Reinvent Mortgage Profitability Models

Capgemini, the European financial management & marketing association (Efma), and UniCredit are pleased to present the sixth annual World Retail Banking Report. The 2009 report covers 203 retail banks and 26 countries including Russia. This year we have introduced four new Internet products and services and developed two new usage profiles, branch user and Internet user. These profiles helped us analyze the impact the Internet is now having on customers’ consumption patterns and retail banks’ pricing strategies.

The financial and real estate crisis impact on retail banking business models is forcing banks to re-evaluate their mortgage profitability models. The 2009 report analyzes the crisis impact on mortgages with an extensive market survey, 54 banking interviews and an in-depth mortgage profitability analysis. The results cover past mortgage activities and strategies, structural market changes, challenges facing the mortgage sector, and key solutions banks will need to succeed during this significant crossroad in 2009, and beyond.