Spring / Summer 2007

Helping CEOs and senior executives in the converging communications industries address their most critical strategic and operational challenges.

  • Mobile Instant Messaging -Cannibal or Cash Cow?: Our survey identifies what operators can expect to see from mobile IM.
  • Digital Natives - How is the Younger Generation Reshaping the Telecom and Media Landscape?: An analysis of the technology savvy generation to identify emerging patterns of consumer behaviour.
  • Innovation 2.0 - Learning from Online Players: Key lessons for telcos on applying innovation approaches seen successfully deployed by the Internet players.
  • Transforming Telcos - Have the Giants Learnt to Dance?: In co-operation with the Economist Intelligence Unit, our cross-industry survey identifies the critical factors for a successful business transformation project.
  • Private Equity - Outlook for Value Creation in Telecom and Media Sectors: We investigate the challenges and routes to unlocking value creation.
  • Developing a Successful Digital Media Strategy: We discuss the lessons to date from the digital distribution market and present highlights of our survey of consumers’ digital media preferences.
  • Optimizing Telecom Operators’ Supply Chain Management: We explore how to transform a supply chain headache into a source of competitive advantage.