Unleashing the Value of Next Generation Customer Intelligence

A study for operators seeking advertising revenue opportunities.

Why should I care about Targeted Advertising?

An operator today owns a wide variety of customer information, which is primarily used internally for preventing churn, customer acquisition, identifying suitable pricing, and so on. Increasing demand for targeted and more effective advertising has placed operators in a unique position to utilize their customer information for third-party product promotions thereby creating a new revenue stream. However, enabling targeted advertising would require operators to have systems capable of capturing and analyzing customer behavior in real-time.   

What the study covers
The study examines the suitability of operator as an enabler for targeted advertising and the role customer intelligence plays in this regard. Key stakeholder expectations and business requirements are identified followed by an assessment of the operator strengths and gaps vis-à-vis online players in the race for customer intelligence ownership. End-to-end process and system requirements for customer intelligence management and ad targeting and delivery are identified followed by an analysis of the operator deployments and vendor offerings in this space. The study concludes with guidelines for operators.