Excerpt from the 2010 Asia-Pacific Wealth Report

As the region recoups post-crisis, wealth management firms face unique challenges in adapting their strategies to meet new client demands. Like their global counterparts, Asia-Pacific high net worth individuals (HNWIs) were forced to re-evaluate their investment goals, strategies, asset allocations and risk profiles. But despite financial-market recovery and a positive economic outlook for the region, Asia-Pacific HNWIs remain cautious. HNWIs in the region want a choice of suitable products and services that will properly align to their risk profiles and help achieve a more balanced asset allocation across their portfolios.

However, as Asia-Pacific wealth management firms try to adapt their strategies to meet the new needs of their HNW clients, issues of investor diversity, industry maturity, market evolution and regulations would present challenges upon implementing strategic change.

The Asia-Pacific Wealth Report is available in English, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.