Capgemini’s Point of View: Simply. Business Cloud

As a Cloud partner, our aim is to help clients realize the transformative impact of the Cloud on their organization. Our Cloud Orchestration services assist clients to access this power without having to deal with integration and multi-vendor issues. We remove Cloud barriers and hide the complexity. We can help articulate a Cloud strategy, find the best starting point, and establish roadmaps and architectures, all the way from infrastructure via applications to your business processes.

Our POV, Simply Business Cloud, asserts that:

  • Businesses like the Cloud because it delivers
  • A new Cloud benchmark has evolved
  • Businesses are taking a step-by-step adoption approach to Cloud maturity
  • Cloud is now the default for powering new business solutions

At Capgemini, we don’t see Cloud as a destination in itself. We see it as a better way to reach your business destination, whatever your industry sector, and wherever you are in the world. It is no longer the journey to the Cloud, but the Cloud-enabled journey that matters. Simply, a new era we refer to as Business Cloud.