Sharing Lessons in Transactional Services

Companies and government agencies alike are moving their activities online. The rising curve of online service delivery adoption has raised expectations of service levels. Yet many transactions in the public sector are often still provided by systems that were not intended, designed and built to support the exponential user and data growth.

Subsequently, the rise of online service delivery not only requires new investment but also adds new risks in making these systems secure for an online world with its increasing levels of cyber crime. Both the private and the public sectors are under pressure to reduce the costs associated with delivery of transactional services.

But since our last paper on the topic was published, three significant trends have emerged:

  • The increased urgency to reduce fraud and non-compliance
  • The changing nature of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Services strategies moving away from pure cost reduction to transformational outsourcing
  • The rapid rise of Cloud technology, with dramatic changes to delivery models

Read our paper to learn more about how government can learn from the private sector in order to tackle these issues.