RAIN Connects Business and Technology with Innovation to Provide Rapid Results.

RApid INnovation (RAIN) combines a partner ecosystem of innovative companies with a methodology pioneered by Capgemini. The unique ecosystem of technology companies, from giant software vendors to niche start-ups, empowers Capgemini to guide clients through an exploration of the latest innovations.

RAIN’s proprietary methodology drives consensus on conceptual design in a collaborative session in a rapid eight hours — day one of a three-day session. Perfected over years of experience, RAIN tackles specific problems by developing and demonstrating tangible prototypes. This approach means that clients can see and understand the benefits of each potential solution for their individual business problems in a much shorter timeframe than traditional approaches.

In just three days, RAIN produces a roadmap to the most appropriate solution available on the market today, and provides clients with a prototype of the solution.

RAIN has been designed to:

• Take advantage of emerging Web 2.0 applications
• Bring an organization’s key business and technology stakeholders together to address real business problems in a very short time
• Enable business managers to visualize concepts by rapidly building prototypes and simulations using emerging technology software
• Allow for a quick consensus on the best solution to solve an enterprise’s challenges