Client Stories

Digital Technical Publications

Traditional methods of developing and publishing Technical Content through a static set of...

My Experience: Serve Users in a Way that Serves the Business

My Experience is a portfolio of inter-related services focused on delivering a centralized,...

Next Generation MRO Solutions for Aerospace

The global aerospace industry is undergoing a makeover and witnessing growth with ever more...

Engineering for the Future of Mobility

Automotive industry is positioned at the centre of Industry 4.0.


Cloud native comes of age

Cloud-native leaders are more agile, innovative and competitive. Learn more in our report.

Capgemini’s Field Service Lightning Accelerator Brochure

Capgemini’s Field Service Lightning Accelerator extends Salesforce to provide robust...

Annual Report 2016

Download the English and French version of Annual Report 2016

Business Services (global)

Contract management – in tech we trust?

We should put our faith in technology – but it needs to be part of a bigger picture


Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS

Integrating cloud-based and on-prem applications. Rapidly expose your business services using...


Don’t Assume You Are Secure

Cyber-attacks have become far more targeted and sophisticated. Even when you have deployed...

Device as a Service

Subscription model delivers flexibility and agility to hardware 63% of IT Managers say their...