Open source software: a changing and maturing market.

Barely more than three years ago, Open Source Software was being positioned as something not meant for the mainstream IT market, with a series of implied risk statements about its fitness for use at an enterprise level. The use of Linux as a low-cost operating system (OS) was acceptable, as was the increasing use of the LAMP stack — standing for Linux OS, Apache Web server, MySQL database, and PHP, Perl or Python scripting languages — to support Web-based activities.

Today, many of the major proprietary software vendors, who were vehemently attacking Open Source Software, have moved to embrace it as part of their product portfolio and are making contributions. In the USA, the White House Website has been shifted to Open Source Software; in the UK, the London Stock Exchange has adopted it for its high-profile, ultra-reliable environment, and in Norway, using proprietary software has become the exception with Open Source Software the de facto approach.