Capgemini helps U.S. retailer improve its supply chain visibility and analytical capabilities by transforming the planning and fulfillment operation.

“ One of the big benefits of this project is an improved visibility of our inventory throughout the supply chain – from vendors to Business Unit customer. The Capgemini team helped us develop and manage a more collaborative and efficient business process between the planning teams that has led to a significant reduction in planning cycle time. ” Supply Planning Manager

The Situation

A large U.S.–based luxury retailer faced a number of supply chain challenges. The company’s existing processes and systems for supply and capacity planning were not integrated and did not provide the required functionality to operate in an increasingly complex environment. In addition, the retailer had limited visibility, reporting, analytics and simulation capability, and its manual planning processes were labor intensive and time consuming.

The Solution

Capgemini helped the company through a supply chain transformation program that redesigned the business processes and implemented JDA supply chain applications to enable the new processes. JDA modules include Master Planning, Fulfillment, Monitor, Reporting and Collaborate.

The Result

The supply chain transformation project has enabled the retailer to benefit from an integrated view of demand and a holistic approach to demand fulfillment and capacity management. Short-, medium- and long-range capacity planning is now integrated with supply planning using integrated processes and a single set of data.

This has resulted in improved visibility and analytical capabilities, as well as the ability to decrease the planning cycle, respond more quickly to changes in demand, and leverage actual lead times to plan production across a future time horizon.