What actions to take to be better positioned after the crisis

During the current economic downturn many companies are focusing on short-term decisions in order to overcome day to day difficulties, particularly in regard to sustainable development. However, it is important for businesses not to lose sight of the long-term impact of these decisions especially because the present short term economic signals are not reflecting the long term challenges.

This report highlights what actions industrial and tertiary businesses leaders should take now to be better positioned after the crisis and contribute to a sustained development of our planet.

Companies in every sector should be making a contribution towards sustainable development by reducing their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Europe is already proactive in this domain, thanks to the Energy-Climate regulations. Now that the United States has made its own commitments, many other countries are expected to follow at the UN conference later this year. The European industry, which was ahead of the game and has developed innovative technologies, will have key advantages in exporting them.