Learn how the Downstream sector could benefit from leveraging the Upstream IO work.

The upstream oil and gas business has over recent years reduced costs, and improved production rates and reservoir management. This is due to improved processes and technology driven by heavy investments in Integrated Operations.

We observe that the downstream oil and gas business is still facing extensive use of manual processes, manual work and sometimes poor decision support. Despite the different business models of the upstream and downstream sectors, Capgemini believes that the downstream sector can benefit from applying an Integrated Operations mindset and thus reduce cost and improve margins.

Industry experts estimate the potential profitability increase of an integrated downstream supply chain to be in the range of $2.00/Bbl to $4.00/Bbl based on $100/Bbl cost according to the Capgemini paper “Creating the Integrated Value Chain for Downstream Oil.”

This study will discuss some of the challenges in the downstream oil and gas business and propose how to leverage knowledge gained through the adoption of the Integrated Operations mindset in order to address them.