Integrated Operations (IO) is today one of the industry’s ‘hot-spots’.

Leading companies are harnessing the potential of Integrated Operations (IO), fast becoming a truly networked ecosystem and building the capability for next generation.

IO has developed from being the preserve of some of the oil and gas companies – such as BP, Shell and ConocoPhillips into the wider world of the National Oil Companies (NOCs) – for example Petrobras and Aramco have highly developed IO programs.

We are also starting to see further developments in the service sector where product companies such as Baker Hughes, ISS Group Ltd, and Petroleum Experts begin to understand the value that Systems Integrators, such as Capgemini, can bring to major IO programs – primarily through our rigorous program management skills, our understanding of change management, and integration of legacy systems.

Capgemini’s IO offers cover the full IO program management, with the capability to address all areas, such as IO assessment, IO strategy development including project roadmaps and business case development. Through our experience, we have developed a repository of IO leading practice. We are therefore able to conduct ‘health checks’ as to our clients’ IO program against what is considered leading practice. From this we are able to analyze the gaps and develop a rectification plan.

Since 2004, we have been advising companies on Integrated Operations and we have an unequaled track record of references.

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